“Certification now means the pursuit of higher excellence in BSP beyond Phase 1 & 2. But it should also mean the beginning of ongoing future pursuit of learning and development.  There are no guarantees in therapy or in life. But the best we can provide for our clients is the commitment to ongoing study and the pursuit of excellence in our abilities as healers.”

Dr. David Grand



The Brainspotting Certification Standard Committee has accepted and voted upon the following standards, which will be implemented starting March 15, 2019.


Are you ready to become a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner?

Here are the requirements:


You have demonstrated an integrated understanding, competence, and fluency in all areas of Brainspotting practice taught in Phases One and Two including all the Set Ups and concepts taught.

You have the ability to attune to your client, and when misattuned (outside the tail of the comet) to identify this and re-attune (back into the tail of the comet)


You are able to manage your own activation/counter -transference in session with clients.

You have done sufficient personal growth sessions to be able to best serve your clients’ needs during a Brainspotting session without your own issues impacting the session negatively.

We believe that self-regulation skills are a vital prerequisite for any therapist who earns the designation of a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner. Therefore, even if all other criteria are met, progression onwards to Certification will be paused until these criteria are met.  If these criteria are not met adequately, additional personal therapy sessions will be required before progression on to certification is resumed.


Here are the requirements:

  • A MINIMUM OF SIX (6) hours (but more is recommended) of individual consultation sessions of 60-minutes with the same Trainer or BSP Consultant/Expert.
  • Additional consultation/supervision sessions will be required UNTIL the above personal and professional criteria are adequately met. This is decided by the BSP Supervisor/Consultant.
  • In South Africa, Marise Swart can provide consultation/supervision.
  • You may also choose any Trainer or BSP Consultant worldwide, check on the www.brainspotting.com website for additional Trainers and Consultants.


  • Recommendation of at least 2 Brainspotting consultation hours after Phase 1 and a minimum of 2 hours after Phase 2.
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2 training in person – videos are for additional learning not for certification.
  • Document at least 50 Brainspotting sessions using the Brainspotting Session Documentation form.
  • Check list form from Brainspotting Consultant or BSP Intensive
  • Upon completing certification process with Brainspotting Consultant the following documents get submitted to Brainspotting Trainings, LLC (David Grand)
    • – Application and all supporting documents (Brainspotting Session Documentation Form, Brainspotting Consultant’s Report with a positive recommendation for Brainspotting certification, copy of liability malpractice insurance.)
    • – Payment of $150.00 USD